Stranded Deep is an Early Access survival game made by Australian developer Beam Team Games. You play as a castaway who has been stranded on one of the many islands in a vast ocean, with nothing but your quick thinking and your wits. Dropped off with only the clothes on your back, you must explore the island to find materials to help you survive. You must build shelter, find food and water, and craft equipment to help aid your survival. The ocean is a dangerous place too however, as deadly predators patrol the waters looking for their next meal.

Stranded Deep features many different islands, each with their own twist on the world around them. Whether it be giant mountains, or hidden caves filled with treasure, there is always something new to discover. There are also multiple biomes on each island, including tropical beaches, dark forests, open plains and more. Each of these biomes can be further altered by the seasons in game.

Stranded Deep features no set story line however there are several lore entries scattered across the game which can be collected to help uncover the mystery of how you ended up stranded. The game world is also filled with clues and objects which can be pieced together to aid in your understanding of what happened. For example, there are journals left by previous castaways who were also stranded on the island.

Why should I play Stranded Deep? What, in particular, makes it worth my time?

Stranded Deep is a game that many are describing as Minecraft meets DayZ. It’s heavy on exploration and crafting, with survival being the main objective. Stranded Deep also features beautiful visuals which are constantly improving, along with great lighting effects. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, the game offers a great experience that is unlike any other.

How long has Stranded Deep been in development?

Stranded Deep was first announced on September 28th, 2013 and entered Steam Early Access on December 18th, 2014. The developers have made it clear that they will continue to update the game once it leaves early access, with a full release expected to happen sometime in 2015.

Stranded Deep has been receiving weekly updates from the developers since it entered Steam Early Access, and it will continue to do so until its official launch.

What platforms will Stranded Deep be available on?

Stranded Deep is currently only available for PC via Steam, but the developers have stated they are looking to expand it to consoles once it leaves early access. For more information on pre-ordering Stranded Deep head over to their official website!

What are some of the features in Stranded Deep?

  • Explore a vast ocean, with over 50 explorable islands.
  • Craft all manner of equipment and supplies to help aid survival. (clothing, weapons, tools and shelter)
  • Search for hidden lore entries to uncover what happened to previous castaways.
  • Tons of loot and items to find around the islands.

How to mod stranded deep

Stranded Deep mods are made by the community, and require you to have an account on the Stranded Deep Steam forums. It’s easy to make mods for stranded deep. All you need is a steam account and basic knowledge of using any 3D model/animation program (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max etc). You can make your own models, textures and animations then import them into the game. If you need help, there is a big community on the Steam forums who are always willing to lend a hand. If you’re looking to get started making mods for stranded deep, check out this guide!


Stranded Deep will continue to be updated until it officially launches, and is currently available for PC via Steam. In my opinion, the game has a lot of potential that’s yet to be realized due to it being in early access. There are still many bugs that need squashing and features which could be added.

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